Off Campus Housing – An Overview

Traditional aged undergraduates (18-23) looking for housing around campus have several options: student-oriented apartment communities, houses for rent, houses that have been divided into multiple apartments, condos, and townhouses. You will find most of these types in the 2.5 mile radius of campus.

Adult and Graduate students, students with spouses/partners and/or children looking for a more traditional experience see below.


Freshmen are strongly encouraged to live on-campus. Freshmen who live on-campus are more likely to get better grades, be more involved, and be more successful academically, as well as continue enrollment at the University. See Housing & Residence Life for information on applying to live on campus. In the event that on-campus housing is full. Many first year students prefer to live as close to campus as possible. A listing of student-oriented housing around UNCG, as well as a Google map showing locations of these properties, is available online.

Student-Oriented Off-Campus Housing Defined:

  • within 2 miles of campus
  • majority (but not all) residents are college students;
  • individual leases (they rent by the bedroom, so if one person doesn’t pay their rent the property manager will work with that person – the rest of the roommates do not have to worry); Student will have key to their own bedroom so they can lock up valuables.
  • rent all inclusive – utilities: electric, water, sewer, trash, cable and internet; (most of the properties have a cap on electrical use per apartment – if the apartment goes above that limit the amount is divided equally among all roommates)
  • Some of these properties charge for a parking permit – so ask
  • Some of these properties include furniture in the lease – need to ask if included in rent
  • Most of these properties will do roommate matching and have a form on their website. Answer questions honestly (especially home work/cleanliness/smoking/socializing habits); Freshman and Sophomores it is recommended that you try to request being paired with other freshman or sophomore roommates.
  • Many of these properties will accept your financial aid refund and apply it towards housing for the semester. Check with property management for procedures.

Adult, Transfer or Graduate Students

If you’re a new adult (age 24+), transfer, or graduate student looking to live on-campus, please visit Housing and Residence Life for information about on-campus housing options. If you are interested in a more traditional apartment community than the ones identified as student-oriented housing listing, you’re encouraged to consider apartments along West Market St., West Friendly Ave, and W. Wendover Avenue. These areas are affordable and served by the GTA (learn more about public transportation options). W. Market and W. Wendover have a number of reasonably priced apartment communities.  W. Friendly has a number of apartment communities just off W. Friendly especially along Muirs Chapel and Dolley Madison. There are also a number of condo and town home communities in this area.  Craigslist and will be helpful in identifying houses, condos, and townhomes for rent.  There are some traditional apartment communities within this list - these properties have contacted CAP to be included on this list.  It is not a complete list of available housing in Greensboro – there are some other housing resources on the page as well.

Students with children who want to be within walking distance of campus may want to check out the houses, apartments, and condos in the College Hill, Sunset Hills, and Fisher Park neighborhoods around UNCG.  Rental housing can be found further from UNCG in the Irving Park area, N. Elm Street, downtown Greensboro, North Battleground, neighborhoods around the airport, and the Lake Jeannette area. Apartment and condo pricing seems to get more expensive  the further north you go in Greensboro. Here is a Google Map of Greensboro with some of the neighborhoods highlighted to give you an idea of where the neighborhoods are in relation to UNCG.


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