For Property Managers and Landlords

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has several policies that property management companies and landlords need to be aware of that cover advertising and promotion on campus, use of the UNCG name and marks, and vending/information tables.  Please be sure to read these and follow them.  Properties who do not may receive notice from our legal department.

Advertising on Campus and in Campus Materials

Recognizing that the alumni, faculty, staff, and students of the University constitute groups attractive to vendors of all sorts, it is in the University’s interest to regulate how commercial entities may advertise or place sponsorship announcements in University publications and materials, within its facilities, on its telecommunications resources (web pages, computers, telephone-related systems, campus radio station), through the postal system, on the campus, and in other ways designed to reach the University family. This policy does not apply to advertising in The Carolinian, the University student newspaper. It does apply to all other publications/printed materials.

Advertising Policy

Advertising for commercial purposes by businesses, organizations, entities or individuals not associated with the University is prohibited.

Distribution of Fliers/Announcements

  1. Advertising fliers and other commercial information may not be distributed in classrooms unless it is directly related to the educational nature and purpose of the class.
  2. Fliers may not be placed on windshields, windows, doors or anywhere else on vehicles parked on University-owned or leased property or in any University parking lot.
  3. Advertising may not be posted on University bulletin boards unless approved by the University organization or office responsible for that bulletin board.

University Policy on use of its name, logos, and other trademarks.

Use of UNCG marks by organizations that are not affiliated with the University, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Materials (including internet, social media, and printed materials) produced by non-affiliated organizations may not use the UNCG name without approval of the UNCG Trademark Licensing Department:

Trademark Licensing
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
P. O. Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
FAX 336.334.4311

Shannon Burks-Clegg, Director of Business Services is responsible for the Trademark Licensing Program at UNCG, UNCG Business Services, 525 Tate Street, Greensboro, NC, 27402-6170, 336-334-5764.

Use of UNCG marks by organizations that are not affiliated with the University will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Below are the basic guidelines that will be followed:

  1. Businesses or organizations may not use the trademarks of the University in any type of advertisements, on websites or on banners, etc., without written permission from the UNCG Trademark Licensing Department.
  2. Individuals or organizations may not utilize the University’s trademarks in conjunction with a candidate for political office or policy/legislative issue without written permission from the UNCG Trademark Licensing Department.
  3. Individuals may not use the University trademarks on a website without written permission from the UNCG Trademark Licensing Department.
  4. The University does not allow its trademarks to be used in conjunction with not-for-profit organizations.
  5. Businesses may not produce merchandise for resale or give-a-way that utilizes the University’s trademarks and its name and/or logo without written permission from the UNCG Trademark Licensing Department.
  6. Businesses may not use the University trademarks to promote its products or services in print advertising, radio or television without written approval from the UNCG Trademark Licensing Department.
  7. Licensees or retailers of University merchandise may print their name on the product. However, the logo or name may be only 1 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches in size. To maintain consistency, this coincides with NCAA rules regarding company branding on uniforms etc.
  8. Rights fees and royalties for the use of the University trademarks in all instances may be assessed.

Please note that the University does not object to your use of language such as “near the University of North Carolina at Greensboro,” or other similar language that does not infer a connection with or approval by the University.

Vending/Solicitation Policy

As properties who are promoting a commercial endeavor, the University has specified that the Office of Campus Activities & Programs can no longer sponsor vendor tables anywhere on campus for these businesses.  Please be aware this includes the following practices that we have discovered over the past few years:

  • Putting gift bags in student organization cubicles promoting themselves by including their brochure;
  • Handing out fliers/brochures promoting themselves on College Avenue or on campus property;
  • Handing out materials in front of residence halls and University owned apartments with their information attached;
  • Waiting outside classrooms and distributing information to students as they exit;
  • Standing in the Elliott University Center lobby distributing information;
  • chalking property information on UNCG sidewalks.

Violators of these policies can find themselves facing consequences such as being banned from the housing fairs, being banned from campus altogether, and receiving cease and desist orders from UNCG.

The city streets around the University are governed by city solicitation and panhandling ordinances.  Please contact the City of Greensboro for more information.

Where to Post Apartments/Houses for Rent

The only place available to post apartment and other available rental housing is on our electronic bulletin board online.



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