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Spring Break!

As we all get ready for our Spring Break, I’m enjoying the warmer weather and the blossoming buttercups around campus! I have a great view of the Cherry Blossoms on College Ave. I heard a few of you mention that it’s supposed to snow this weekend… I was so looking forward to a warm Spring Break! Maybe it’ll warm up by the end of next week. I hope you all have something relaxing planned for the week.

We work hard like Spartans, so we should rest like Spartans. Get some rest this week and come back ready to finish the semester strong! Some of you only have a few months left, be sure to enjoy it.

(P.S. apples are welcome anytime, not just finals)

Welcome Back.


Welcome Back, Spartans!

Now that we’re all well rested from our holiday break, it’s time to get back to school! It’s a brand new semester, let’s pull off that 4.0 you know you can earn. Think about it this way – you have a 100% in all your classes right now!

For some of you, it is your first Spring semester here at UNCG. You’ll love College Ave once the Cherry Blossoms start blooming. If it snows in the meantime, be sure to bring a sled (or some cardboard will do) to slide down that awesome hill at Petty.

For some of the older students, it’s another beautiful start to the Spring season. Appreciate each day of class, and each day of rest. The next few years will fly by.

For the last group, it is actually your last semester as an undergrad student at this great university. Some started here as Freshman and some transferred in, but one thing we all decided is that UNCG has been our home away from home. By the time you graduate, be sure finish your UNCG bucketlist! Just be sure to walk under clock after you have your diploma in hand.

I’m looking forward to another semester full of apples and passing tests.

 Winter Break.


Spartans! You did it! One more class day until Reading Day! Then you’re on the home stretch. Bring me an apple before your exams, don’t forget to take a bite, and you’ll have some extra luck!

What are your plans for winter break? Hopefully going home to see family and eat too much of your mom and grandma’s cooking. I think I’ll stay here and guard campus while you’re gone.

I’ve heard that CAP and ACE have been hard at work getting things ready for their Winterfest events! Be ready to have a lot of fun at the start of next semester, and be sure to check out the CAP homepage for an updated calendar of events.

Happy Holidays, Spartans!

Thanksgiving Holiday.


Hi all –

It’s about that time! One more day of classes before Thanksgiving break. How this semester has flown by! I know this is a much needed break for all of you right before exam week. The course load is at its peak – all the group projects are wrapping up and presentations are soon.

You’ve made it the entire semester, and there are just a few weeks left. Be sure not to stress too much. Whatever your Thanksgiving traditions may be, be sure to enjoy your time with family and get some much needed rest while you’re home. I’ll see you when you get back!

P.S. Don’t forget to leave me an apple before your exams!



Students place apples around Minerva for good luck during finals.

Time sure flies by when you’re having fun! It seems like Rawkin’ Welcome Week was merely days ago! And now we’re here! Finals. Graduation. Winter Break. For some of you, you have just completed your first set of finals as a college student and Winter Break is your opportunity to refuel, refocus and prepare for Spring. It also may be a little bittersweet because you’re putting a quick pause on a few friendships. Hey, you’ll be back before you know it, and so will they! In the meantime, facetime.

For others of you, this is your last set of finals and you’re graduating. Woo Hoo!!! No more all-night study sessions and early morning trips to the Library. No more papers to write and scantrons to purchase. You’ve made it!

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, I hope you’ve had a great semester! I’ve certainly enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to great things ahead. To our Spartan Graduates, CONGRATULATIONS! Can’t wait to see you in a couple of days in your cap and gown! And to our returning Spartans, see you a few weeks! Enjoy your Holiday Break!

P.S. Thanks for all the apples!



Members of the Greek community listen to a presentation by UNCG Police

Members of the Greek community listen to a presentation by UNCG Police

You may not be able to tell from the outside that there are hundreds of students on this campus raising tens of thousands of dollars for different philanthropic organizations. But the UNCG Greek community is busy year-round planning activities to collect donations for organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, the I Have A Dream foundation, Alamance County Animal Shelter, and many many more. These incredible student leaders attend an annual one-day conference called FLI – the Fraternal Leadership Institute – to help sharpen their skills for the coming year. Created by the Office of Campus Activities and Programs, the FLI 2015 hosted more than 200 students through workshops with UNCG Police, Housing and Residence Life, and other departments on campus. These workshops are made possible by our generous UNCG Greek Legacy donors. The theme for 2015 was “The Value of Values” and focused on helping students understand how the fundamental values and beliefs of the Greek organizations shapes the way they function day-to-day. Special sessions included new member tracks, officer caucuses, and a keynote by Mindy Sopher on “Why Fraternities and Sororities Still Matter.”

A HUGE Spartan shoutout to our Greek life leaders and the faculty/staff who assisted these folks through the 2015 Fraternal Leadership Institute!





Just one of the many futuristic outfits made by the C.A.R.S. students

Just one of the many futuristic outfits made by the C.A.R.S. students

The Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies department within the Bryan School is also known as C.A.R.S., so it’s no coincidence that up-and-coming designers within the department are joining forces with REAL cars to debut “Hot Pass to Fashion.” This apparel challenge is in collaboration with the Richard Petty Museum to raise funds for various scholarships to rising seniors here on campus. Part of the proceeds will also benefit Victory Junction, a recreational camp for children with disabilities, which is part of the Petty Family Foundation. These C.A.R.S. folks really know how to impact our community!

Design students visited the museum to get inspiration for their looks, and also learn more about NASCAR and the racing world. Twelve students will go back and create adult and children’s design that will walk the runway at the red carpet event January 17. Designers were given the task to not only incorporate NASCAR aspects but to imagine these outfits being worn in the year 2043 – an homage to “The King” Richard Petty’s racing number. I can’t imagine what the year 2043 will bring but I hope I’m still around to see it! Hopefully I’ll have another facelift by then too.

Runway designs feature futuristic creations and will be judged by a celebrity panel at the January event. Sadly they did not invite me to judge this year, but the public can also vote online for their favorites!

These aspiring designer Spartans are doing incredible things to bring attention to UNCG as well as community organizations!





UNCG Homecoming 2014 King and Queen

Homecoming 2014 King and Queen

If there is one event every year that’s my favorite, it’s Homecoming. There is nothing like seeing the smiling faces of returning alumni, excited children as they enjoy the Children’s Festival, and anxious students as they experience their first UNCG Homecoming. It’s almost enough joy to make me leap off this podium and join in the festivities! But that might be a bit much.

From what I hear, this Homecoming was record breaking in attendance, even if the weather was damp and chilly. Such a testament to the strength and endurance of our Spartans. Homecoming week events planned by both the Campus Activities Board and the Alumni Association went off without a hitch – there was an excellent bonfire on Friday night followed by a concert in Cone Ballroom til the wee hours of the evening; Saturday brought the Homecoming Day Party with Stamey’s BBQ, music, and reuniting with old friends. The cherry on our Homecoming sundae is always the crowning of the new Homecoming King and Queen. Claire and Cam proudly accepted their new roles as former Chancellor Brady gave them their new crowns and sashes (two phenomenal students, I might add). On Sunday, the Weatherspoon featured it’s 43rd exhibition Art on Paper before alumni waved goodbye to me and the campus as they went back to their homes to continue to do great things.

So what’s in store for 2015, you might ask. Well preliminary whispers are floating around campus but nothing’s set in stone yet. One thing you can count on for sure? I will be there and you should be too!




UNCG Alpha Phi Alpha serving students in the Dining Hall - 2013

Alpha Phi Alpha serving students in the Dining Hall – 2013

You probably think of many things when you hear the word ‘brotherhood’ but for the Pi Zeta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha here at UNCG, brotherhood has taken on a whole new meaning. Our Pi Zeta’s are celebrating their 30th birthday at UNCG with dozens of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity brothers, young and old, expected to return to campus. These men have upheld their motto – “First of all, service to all, we shall transcend all” – by raising money at the 10th Annual All Black Attire Party to fund endowed scholarships. I can’t wait to see these outstanding men come back to campus, see the new buildings and dorms, and celebrate Homecoming 2014!

A little background about our Pi Zetas: the UNCG chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha was founded October 7, 1984 as the first Black Greek Letter fraternity on campus! These guys paved the way for hundreds of men after them! During these 30 years, they have never been suspended or disciplined by the University – a true testament to their commitment to make UNCG a better place than when they found it!

Congratulations to the men of Alpha Phi Alpha for 30 years of service and bonds!




2013-2014 Phillip/Hawkins Hall Council

2013-2014 Phillip/Hawkins Hall Council

This week is an exciting time for the UNCG Residence Hall Association [RHA] and the Housing & Residence Life department – Hall Council members, new and old, are being sworn in and trained! Hall Council members serve as liaisons for RHA, programming and interacting with all our on-campus Spartans. Congratulations to all our newest members!

Hall Councils help to govern our residential communities on campus, which includes advocacy, engagement, and programming activities for their respective students. Depending on the building and area, each group can vary in size and composition, but all serve the same purpose. Typically these groups meet several times a month to organize activities, initiatives, discussions about important topics, socials, and more! Each fall, elections are held to choose these important representatives, and once the newest members are chosen they undergo vital training produced by the RHA Executive Council – happening now!

Programming fun activities isn’t all these folks do – each council sends one representative to attend RHA General Assembly meetings on their behalf, then report back on any updates or important information. If you haven’t already figured it out, these guys are SUPER important and serve as awesome leaders on our campus.

UNCG has tons of opportunities to get involved, and the Hall Councils are one of those! If you aren’t involved on campus or maybe you can’t be involved enough, talk to your RHA Hall Council member to see about any potential vacant positions or volunteer opportunities available. ALL RHA and Hall Council meetings are open to ANY resident so come out, voice your concerns or questions, and find out if RHA is the place for you!




UNCG CPC Bid Day 2014

Newest members embrace their chapters

If you were anywhere near campus on Sunday September 7, you probably could hear the screams of excitement as the College Panhellenic Council [CPC] celebrated their annual Bid Day. From my post behind the EUC, I could clearly see the tops of floating balloon arches, groups of coordinated outfits, and excited new sorority women being escorted into the Quad by our helpful Pi Chis. What is a Pi Chi, you ask? A Pi Chi is a Panhellenic woman who serves as a counselor during Recruitment – choosing to temporarily disaffiliate from her chapter to provide unbiased support for potential new members.  Pi Chis start early, preparing a schedule for Recruitment week and attending SOAR during the summer and early fall in order to provide information to anyone thinking about going Greek!

Becoming a sorority member is a great way to make life-long friends. All undergraduates are encouraged to go through Recruitment as Greek life is known to boost anyone’s experience as a UNCG student. The selection process is mutual, meaning each chapter on campus gets to know each potential new member at the same time these potential new members learn more about each chapter.

You can find out more about CPC by visiting their website, uncgcpc.wix.com/uncgpanehllenic OR learn more about Greek life in general by visiting gogreek.uncg.edu! UNCG’s CPC consists of four chapters – Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, Alpha Chi Omega, and Sigma Sigma Sigma.

Congratulations to the newest members of these prestigious organizations!




From atop campus, behind the EUC, the most exciting things are happening: first year students moving into their new home-away-from-home, experienced students pointing families in the right direction, the Orientation crew and Spartan SPEARS smiling at everyone who walks by.  It’s Fall again and that means back to classes, but it also means back to free movie weekends, fried chicken Wednesdays, and buying the newest additions to the bookstore’s clothing section. Going back to school is something to be celebrated because UNCG is an awesome place to be!

From what I can tell, it looks like offices around campus are gearing up for a spectacular semester filled with comedy shows, rock climbing trips, service opportunities, and more. Just look for the bright blue and yellow Rawkin Welcome Week signs or the 6 week programming posters around your residence hall. Staff and faculty were busy all summer preparing for you, Spartans, so take advantage of every activity over the next 4 months.

What’s new for this semester? If you have mastered the art of starting back classes, here’s a couple of new items to keep in mind for this year:

  • Student group recognitions’ three degrees (McIver, Spartan, Minerva) will be retiring and instead, once groups are registered and recognized, they can go on to be awarded a Group of Excellence once they achieve the 4 pillars. More information can be found here.
  • UNCG Dining Services is bringing back the Food Truck Hub on campus, except now they are every weekday, Monday-Friday from 11AM-2PM in McIver Parking Deck! They accept cash, Flex, or credit card. More information can be found here.
  • The UNCG Student Veterans’ Center will be launching in the Fall! The center is located on the second floor lounge of the Spring Garden Apartment building. It can be accessed using the staircase next to the Spartan Trader entrance. If you are a military/military dependent/veteran, please join us for the Student Veteran Meet & Greet August 20 from 5-6:30 in the NEW space! More information can be found here. 

Go out there and conquer your Fall semester! If you need a little assistance, I’m always accepting apples.




Kyle Curtis, Executive chef for DJ's Restaurant and SkyLounge

Kyle Curtis, Executive chef for DJ’s Restaurant and SkyLounge

What does a degree in hospitality, a three year apprenticeship at Greensboro Country Club, and experience as a chef in Downtown Salisbury get you? A chance to show-down with the best chefs in America on national television! Kyle Curtis, a UNCG alum in the hospitality program AND a member of Kappa Delta Rho, will be a contestant on “Cutthroat Kitchen” – a Food Network show featuring four chefs that try to “outcook and outsmart” each other to win money and other cool prizes. Kyle will start out the show with $25,000 with opportunities to spend that money on various challenges throughout the three rounds. Each round has one chef eliminated and the remaining chef is declared the winner, getting to take home whatever money s/he has left over.

It may seem like Kyle has his work cut out for him, but he comes well prepared! After receiving his degree from UNCG, this fellow Spartan went on to complete a three-year apprenticeship with the Greensboro Country Club. He moved to Salisbury, NC for a chef position with Ethos – a downtown restaurant – and became such great partners with Ethos’ owner Louie Mourouzidis, that he went on to become the executive chef for Mourouzidis’ other restaurant: DJ’s Restaurant and SkyLounge.

Kyle proudly continues to re-invent the menu at DJs, featuring “cast-iron blackened, marinated alligator” with grits! He auditioned on a whim, Skype interviewed with the show’s producers, and flew out to LA in July to begin filming. Kyle has no desire to become a celebrity chef and following filming, returned back to the Triad and DJ’s restaurant where fans continue to reach out to him with their support.

Support a Spartan, visit DJ’s Restaurant and SkyLounge in Salisbury today! Just don’t leave any alligator by my feet. I definitely prefer apples.

References: <http://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/cutthroat-kitchen.html>, <http://www.salisburypost.com/article/20140727/SP01/140729758/1023/dj-s-chef-heads-to-hollywood-for-food-network-cooking-show>





UNCG Alpha Lambda Delta

UNCG Alpha Lambda Delta

2014 marks the 90th birthday for Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honor society with a chapter right here on the UNCG campus. ALD is a freshman honors organization which is advised by the New Student and Spartan Family Programs office – which is only appropriate since they also oversee the spectacular SOAR Freshman Orientation programs. First year students who are full-time, degree-seeking, and have at least a 3.5 GPA [top 20% of their class] in their first semester on campus are invited to become members. Alpha Lambda Delta for 2013-2014 should especially be given a high five because they were just awarded the organization’s Order of the Torch award! The national organization chooses to recognize the most outstanding chapters based on activities throughout the academic year. Universities submit scrapbooks with pictures and descriptions of all their yearly activities. The scrapbooks are then judged by national ALD members and the winning chapters are presented the award during a special ceremony.

Alpha Lambda Delta induction 2013

Alpha Lambda Delta induction 2013

This year only SIX universities were chosen to receive the Order of the Torch award, with the UNCG chapter being one of them. It was also the first time UNCG has been recognized! Students are chosen based on demonstrated excellence in programming, internal communications and campus visibility. For our 2013-2014 chapter, these programming activities included CANstruction, a Carowinds trip, and raising money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. According to the Student Affairs website, CANstruction is a competition in collecting canned food donations and using them to build a structure; UNCG successfully collected over 600 canned items which were then sent to the Spartan Open Pantry. The Carowinds trip was not all for pleasure – students were invited to work volunteer shifts at the amusement park with each group receiving park tickets for every 2 volunteers who worked full shifts.

For more information about Alpha Lambda Delta’s national organization, visit http://www.nationalald.org/index.cfm/about/our-history/.





“An edge of the seat film. I would watch this movie and pay to do so…Excellent!”Bill Guy

Where the Last One HidesIf you haven’t heard of B&G Studios, you should pay close attention. Located across from campus, down the street from Spartan Village, B&G Studios is completely operated by UNCG alum with expertise in music composition, media studies, video editing, and cinematography to name a few. The company was founded in 2012 and in just their two short years of existence have managed to take home 15 awards! Most notably B&G Studios took home last year’s Campus Moviefest awards for Best Drama and Best Picture, as well as a GTA Best Actor nomination and Campus Finalist.

Campus Moviefest started in 2011 at Emory University and is now the world’s largest student film and music festival! CMF generously provides Apple laptops, Panasonic camcorders, and FREE training to ALL students around the globe. Movies created are then featured in an on-campus screening and the top finalists are available for viewing on their website, in-flight entertainment for Virgin America, and shown at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival!

Now, back to B&G Studios. According to their website B&G Studios has been “actively creating exciting and innovative content for great people and outstanding companies,” including UNCG Greek Life. Their 2013 winning video called “Where the Last One Hides” is 5 minutes of suspenseful, thrilling storyline that makes you only wish it would never end. [CHECK IT OUT HERE!]

Keep in mind Campus Moviefest happens ANNUALLY – and if you are a creative Spartan who is interested in media studies and cinematography, make sure you keep your eye out for posters and flyers around campus Fall 2014. The more Spartans who enter, the better our chances of making this a tradition!





nhi tran, uncg, rock the runway

Evening wear collection by 2014 winner, and UNCG alum!, Nhi Tran

Spartans are well known for their creativity and talent across the state, whether it be in music or painting or the art of sign-language. But next February, five Spartans along with other local fashion designers, will challenge each other in the 2015 Goodwill Rock the Runway show!

According to the News & Record, the fashion designers will be documenting their journeys through blogs on the website as they create 10 ready-to-wear garments using only items they purchase at Triad Goodwill stores. Then on February 20, 2015 all the designers will have their outfits featured in the Rock the Runway fashion show where a winner will be decided and receive a $1,000 prize! That’s a lot of trips to Chick-fil-a for our fellow Spartans.

The catch is that each designer is only given $250 in gift cards to purchase their materials. Candidates must re-craft, recycle, and re-organize materials they collect into a 10 piece fashion collection to present. The other catch? WE get to help choose the winner! Keep up on Facebook to see the progress of each designer as well as vote online prior to the show for your choice. If you happen to be able to attend the fashion show, there will be live audience voting to encourage your favorite designer to win.

According to goodwillrocktherunway.com, all proceeds go towards supporting Triad Goodwill stores who all have a mission of helping our community members find employment. Talk about Spartans helping Spartans! Mark your calendars to keep checking Facebook and the Rock the Runway blog to catch up on the latest progress of our fellow Spartans, and other Greensboro residents.

Good luck to Chloe Bacot, Abbie Hall, Justin Teddy Clark, Alycia Hill and Pang Kou Chang!





Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls is just one of the many community outreach efforts Spartans participate in every year.

The UNCG motto of “Service” is just as old as the University itself. And also just about as old as me, but a lady never reveals her age. Regardless of the gender, color or age of Spartans who have entered and exited the University doors they all have one thing in common – carrying on the legacy of service and leadership within UNCG and Greensboro community.

Today it was announced in YES! Weekly, a publication for Greensboro and the outlying cities, that Greensboro topped the short list for top college towns for socially conscious students. According to the article, BestColleges.com rated UNCG as being located in one of the “Best Cities for Service-Oriented Students.” This should come as no surprise to Spartans and Spartan-alum as OLSL has been a vital part of campus life and out-of-the-classroom experiences. YES! Weekly states that UNCG students logged nearly 813,000 volunteer hours for 2013-2014. That’s like every student on campus completing 45 hours EACH! Volunteer hours have consisted of assisting in food banks, neighborhood clean-up efforts, and more.

As one of the largest and most diverse college campuses in the state, UNCG has a lot to be proud of! Spartans consistently go farther than necessary to involve any and all students to make the University community the best place to live, learn, and have fun!





It’s that time of year again! Sparty the Spartan is super excited to welcome the UNCG Class of 2018 to SOAR Summer Orientation!

SOAR audience 2014

SOAR audience 2014

I’m just as excited but unfortunately am not able to show off my dance moves. Instead I enjoy the bird’s eye view of our SOAR orientation team students dancing, clapping, and guiding our families around campus with more enthusiasm than an NFL end zone dance. The UNCG Orientation Team, Your First Year, and the New Student & Spartan Family Programs department are spectacular examples of Spartan spirit. From dressing in blue and gold attire for weeks on end, to working 18 hour days; from blowing up balloon arches, to scripting and performing various dance routines, these folks are full of energy and always smiling along the way.

These are the first faces newest Spartans see when they enter our campus to prepare for their Fall arrival. Everyone who has a hand in the SOAR planning and implementing deserves a huge pat on the back for their successful recruiting and for instilling school spirit from a very early stage.

SOAR Orientation Team welcomes UNCG Class of '18 into Cone Ballroom

SOAR Orientation Team welcomes UNCG Class of ’18 into Cone Ballroom

If you want more information about Your First Year (YFY) or the Orientation Team, check out http://orientation.uncg.edu. And don’t forget to read your summer read!!








This year marked the Second Annual Mr. and Ms. Greek Pageant presented by the UNCG Fraternity and Sorority Association. The pageant was held in March in the EUC Auditorium where I got a front-row seat to all the singing, dancing, and public speaking from our Greek community contestants. And let me tell you – the judges had their work cut out for them.

For Best Female Talent, Soniel Schaefer from Sigma Sigma Sigma brought home the award, while Best Male Talent went to Tom Gill from Sigma Phi Epsilon!

People’s Choice Male went to Allen Carpenter from Kappa Delta Rho, and People’s Choice Female went to Hannah Nipper from Chi Omega!

Hannah Nipper was also honored with the Highest GPA award amongst the Greek community!

Last but not least, the featured event – this year’s Mr. Greek went to Allen Carpenter from Kappa Delta Rho and Ms. Greek went to Christina Dunn from Alpha Kappa Alpha!

A huge round of applause for ALL the contestants in this year’s pageant. I can not WAIT until next year where I will hopefully have another great view of the action.

If you couldn’t make it this year and want a taste, check out this instagram video!




Biscuitville Obstacle Swinging Barrels

Biscuitville Obstacle Swinging Barrels

What do giant truck tires, biscuits with jelly, orange caution cones, and dumpsters have to do with Greensboro college students? Welcome the Annual Greensboro Collegiate Biscuitville Week! Events from April 5-12 comprised Biscuitville Week 2014 – a week long spring celebration of our city’s thriving entrepreneurial community! Seven colleges and universities, made up of 50,000 students, gathered on the last day to compete in the Greensboro Campus Scramble. For two years in a row, UNCG has brought home the championship so everyone was prepared to go up against us Spartans.


Biscuitville Obstacle Fire Jumps

Biscuitville Obstacle Fire Jumps

For three miles and sixteen obstacles, our Spartans challenged Aggies, Fighting Quakers, Belles, Phoenix, Titans, Pride, and other Greensboro locals in the only urban obstacle race in North Carolina. Obstacles included fire jumps, wall climbs, scaffolding, and even a car pile jump. Cash prizes were awarded to the fastest male and female, collegiate and non-collegiate teams, with all proceeds going to The Interactive Resource Center.

Aaron Kidd, a Spartan, came in second place for the overall fastest person! Which comes to no surprise, as Aaron has done fabulous things with the UNCG Running Club – Congrats Aaron!


Biscuitville Obstacle

Does this sound like something you’d like to conquer next year? Test your Spartan stamina during next year’s Biscuitville Week Greensboro Campus Scramble – keep up to date by visiting http://biscuitvilleweek.com.





Maggie Gillespie

Maggie Gillespie

The buzz with campus staff is that Maggie Gillespie in Housing & Residence Life was honored with the Evelyn A. Wallington Advisor of the Year award at the annual regional business meeting for the Residence Hall Association and National Residence Hall Honorary! The purpose of the award is to recognize the outstanding service by an individual advisor who has gone above and beyond their job description while serving in an advising role to a residence hall leadership group. UNCG is a part of the SACURRAH (South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls) Region, which includes all of the residence hall associations on all of the campuses in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia – meaning Maggie beat out candidates from ALL of these states!

So who is Maggie Gillespie? Maggie is a second-year coordinator for residence life in Cone Residence Hall. She also serves as one of the advisors to the Residence Hall Association. According to her bio on the HRL website, she received her M.Ed from University of Dayton and her B.A. from Miami University. Maggie joined the UNCG team in June 2012 as a Coordinator after serving as a Coordinator for housing at U. of Dayton. Currently she enjoys First-Year experience, working with Student Veterans, Wellness Communities, and promoting study abroad opportunities. When she isn’t busy helping students get situated in their dorms or solving roommate problems, Maggie loves to run, bake, watch hockey games, and hang out with friends and family. Sounds like a pretty awesome staff member to me!

Kudos to Maggie for representing UNCG incredibly well and for consistently stepping up to help Spartans. If you ever have any questions, I’m sure Maggie will help – just look for her beautiful red locks of hair on campus!




Orientation staff at SROW 2014

Orientation staff at SROW 2014

Have you ever wondered who the crazies wearing blue and gold are during SOAR? Or has anyone surprised you with a Blue & Gold Birthday? Well then you’ve encountered the Office of New Student & Spartan Family Programs and the Spartan Orientation Staff! Both attended the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW) March 14-17 in Clemson, SC and did an excellent job representing our UNCG community! Attendees experienced educational programs, competed in various competitions, and generally showed their Spartan spirit. Institutions from all over the Southeast attended SROW totaling about 2,500 orientation leaders – so I’m told. The best part is that UNCG brought home not one, not two, but FOUR awards:

  • Best Problem Solving-Graduate Case Study Competition: Mary Lesa Pegg – Graduate Assistant for NS&SFP & Suzannah Grubb (NODA Summer Intern)
  • Best Problem Solving-Undergraduate Case Study Competition: Chris Cunningham & Benoit Sabourin – Spartan Orientation Coordinators for NSSFP
  • Outstanding Educational Program by Professional Staff: Brian D. Ford – Assistant Director for NS&SFP
  • 2nd Place in Song Competition: Spartan Orientation Staff
Spartan Orientation Staff (SOS) Team

Spartan Orientation Staff (SOS) Team

New Student & Spartan Family Programs, with their Spartan Orientation Staff and SOAR Coordinator teams, are doing spectacular things for student, staff, faculty, and the campus as a whole. Formally called Orientation, NS&SFP creates meaningful programs, services, and resources to help support the transition of students to our campus. Although they may introduce themselves mostly to first-year students, everyone is impacted by NS&SFP. Have you ever enjoyed Rawkin Welcome Week? You can thank NS&SFP! Know anyone in Alpha Lambda Delta honor society? You can thank NS&SFP! Ever had a teacher support you through your frustrations as a first-year student in their class? NS&SFP supplies faculty and staff with tips and tricks to working with students of all grades.

If you see any of these folks on campus, give them a big HIGH FIVE for bringing the recognition this department deserves from SROW to share with the UNCG community!




James Allen, 1973

James Allen, 1973

Are you a rising Senior? Full time status and in good academic standing? Participating in a student group? Would you like $1,500 toward your last year at UNCG? If you said yes to all of these questions, check out the newly-posted James. H. Allen Student Leader Scholarship on the CAP and Student Affairs webpages!

James “Jim” Allen was a minister here at UNCG in 1967, and then became Dean of Students in 1971. After serving as the Dean for 2 years, in 1973 Allen was promoted to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – a position he held for 23 years until he retired in 1996! Because of the graciousness of his family, colleagues, students, and friends, he now has an annual scholarship award in his name totaling $1,500. This award is given to a rising Senior who has demonstrated leadership during their first 3 years on campus, is in good academic standing, and have no conduct violations within the past 12 months.

So if you are an executive board member of a recognized student group, a LeaderShape graduate, or maybe an on-campus student worker, give it a shot and apply TODAY! Applications are due on Friday March 28.

(And if you’re not already part of a student group and want to join one, check out our student group community to see all of the over 200 group to choose from. We have everything from cultural groups to academic groups to recreational sports groups.)




Peabody Park stream

Peabody Park stream

Ever heard of Peabody Park? Chances are, you may have missed this 34 acre beauty at the north end of UNCG’s campus! Maintained and often utilized by the UNCG Biology department, Peabody Park contains great opportunities to sit and relax, taking in fresh air and green grass during warm sunny days. Even on the coldest days, you can stop by to explore untouched snow and ice. The park features a 100 foot tall Yellow Poplar trees and Red Oak, horsetail bushes, 500 million year-old bedrock in the streams, and forest creatures such as crayfish, bird, and blue tailed skink. The streams come from the Buffalo Creek and Lake Daniel – all which empty out into the Cape Fear River Basin and eventually the Atlantic Ocean! If you’re looking for a little taste of the coast, here’s your spot.

So who is Mr. Peabody? George Foster Peabody (1852-1938) purchased 125 acres of the park in 1901 to honor his relative, George Peabody (1795-1869) who was a famous philanthropist that helped reconstruct schools following the Civil War in Georgia. George Peabody (the first) served alongside Charles McIver on the Southern Education Board and helped support the effort to establish UNCG. Memorial markers scatter the park which were an educational effort by McIver to mark the educational history of our campus, the oldest of which is from 1902 near the music building bridge.

Check out the Biology department’s Peabody Park page for a map, information on the park forest and streams, and a little history on the area. Word is that there is a spot next to an old, demolished dam under the trees and away from everything that makes the single best spot on campus to cure a bad day.




According to womenshistorymonth.gov, March is Women’s History Month, celebrating its 32nd birthday. In 1981 Congress and the President proclaimed the week beginning March 7, 1982 as “Women’s History Week” which continued until 1987 when Congress passed an additional bill declaring the entire month of March as “Women’s History Month.”

Originally UNCG was an all-women’s institution and continued to be so until it became co-ed in 1963. As the “State Normal and Industrial School” followed by the “North Carolina College for Women,” our “WC” alum as we affectionately call them serve as an important landmark in our state’s educational history for females. Charles McIver was a crusader for women’s education and as such established UNCG by legislative enactment in February 1891.

UNCG’s roots are founded in the educational push toward women’s higher education which is something I am proud of every day when I see the floods of students of all genders, ages, and race come onto campus – not just March! Because of the great strides UNCG holds in the history books, notable female alumni are not few and far between. Kathryn Stripling Byer (1987)  graduated from UNCG and went on to become the FIRST FEMALE North Carolina Poet Laureate! Tracey Ducar (1995) is a professional soccer player for the US Women’s National Soccer Team and the Boston Breakers. Claudia Emerson (1991) is a Pulitzer Prize winning author. Virginia Foxx (M.A. 1972, Ed.D. 1985) has been a Congresswoman for District 5-NC since 2005. Beth Leavel (1980) is now a Tony-winning Broadway actress starring in broadway productions such as 42nd Street, The Drowsy Chaperone, and Mamma Mia! Nadia Moffett (2007) became Miss NC 2010 and continues to speak publicly for Junior Achievement in Greensboro middle schools, and the list continues!

Female students during WWI war efforts

Female students during WWI war efforts

We have also had many notable female leaders pass through this campus as staff and faculty. Ever wondered why Gove Health Center is named that? Dr. Anna Gove was the campus’ second physician during WWI and she played a huge role in recruiting the students of the then State Normal &  Industrial College to help support war bonds, volunteer for the Red Cross to help orphans in France, and unofficially become part of the Army Nurse Corps – all at a time when women doctors were not allowed to join the American Red Cross. Minnie Lou Jamison is another notable faculty member who during WWI taught courses to the community on food conservation, and even constructed an on campus ‘dryer’ for drying fruits and vegetables.

Want more UNCG history? Check out UNCG Archives webpage and Twitter – they will be posting photos throughout the month of March highlighting our history as an all-women’s institution.

Make sure to celebrate the women in your life this month and continue to celebrate UNCG’s founding fathers mothers!



UNCG's own Marianne LeGreco celebrates her award with a fist bump to Bryan School of Business School Dean Mac Banks

UNCG’s own Marianne LeGreco celebrates her award with a fist bump to Bryan School of Business School Dean Mac Banks

If you’re like me, you probably noticed a lot of people from the outside community around the EUC last week. That’s because the last week of February celebrated the Triad Business Journal’s 40 Leaders Under 40 and the awards ceremony took place at our very own Elliott University Center auditorium! Not only was UNCG honored as the ceremony site but 3 of the individuals from the list of 40 leaders represent UNCG! Samuel “Chip” Cook is a lecturer at both UNCG and N.C. A&T, Marianne LeGreco is an associate professor of communication studies for UNCG, and David Schaefer is an associate chief of staff for UNCG. Marianne made a lasting impression on the crowd when she accepted her award with an exploding fist bump to Dean Mac Banks.

We have so many reasons to be proud of our school, from the facilities that are consistently chosen from the Greensboro community as places to hold receptions and special programs to the incredible faculty and staff UNCG employs. Every person on this campus has proven to go beyond the call of duty to make our students’ lives and education as great as it can be. Congratulations to Chip, David, and Marianne! If you see them on campus, give them all exploding fist bumps.




UNCG's Got Talent Winners

UNCG’s Got Talent Winners

Winterfest and Winter Welcome have officially ended here at UNCG – I hope every Spartan had the chance to attend at least ONE of the spectacular campus events over the first weeks of the semester. Someone dropped me a line about the amazing participants from the UNCG’s Got Talent competition on January 24 so I had to check it out for myself. UNCG CAB does an outstanding job posting pictures and videos from all their events on Twitter and Instagram, and I snagged a few since I wasn’t personally able to attend. Turns out, we Spartans DO have talent! Singers, rappers, dancers – a huge KUDOS to all the talented students on our campus!





via http://instagram.com/uncgcab

via http://instagram.com/uncgcab

via http://instagram.com/uncgcab




Order of Omega 2014

Order of Omega 2014

Word’s just in! There’s a brand new Order of Omega chapter at UNCG! What is Order of Omega, you ask? The UNCG Tau Nu chapter is a fraternity and sorority honor society, and is no stranger to the UNCG campus. I can remember just a couple of years ago when Order of Omega was thriving here at UNCG – in 2010, the Order of Omega President was John Johnston with Phi Theta Zeta, who also had a President Brother in 2006 with Brian Ruiz. They have officially been reactivated this semester!

Order of Omega was founded at the U. of Miami in 1959 from a fraternity who felt that individuals within the Greek community should be recognized for their service. They became co-ed in 1977 which spread to over 500 chapters across the US and Canada! The UNCG Order of Omega will be responsible for promoting outstanding leadership for their fraternity/sorority, organizing events including faculty and alumni members, and attaining interfraternity/sorority activities.

New initiates are determined by Greek advisors and leaders of Greek councils on campus. Each time the chapter selects new members, they will receive certificates, a pin, and will participate in planning programs on campus like Greek Week. Here is a list of this year’s Order of Omega members and their respective chapters! Congratulations!

Britney Boles

Chi Omega

Keegan Bowen

Alpha Phi Alpha

Cody Carpenter

Kappa Delta Rho

Emily Crigger

Alpha Chi Omega

Gabrielle Evans

Theta Nu Xi

Steven Harrison

Pi Kappa Phi

Gray Harrison

Lambda Chi Alpha

Tifani MacEachern

Alpha Delta Pi

Benoit Sabourin

Lambda Chi Alpha

Nicole Santonastaso

Chi Omega

Ashley Smith

Theta Nu Xi

Kristen Smith

Alpha Delta Pi

Puneet Wadhwani

Kappa Delta Rho

Hannah Weinberger

Alpha Delta Pi

Anna Willis

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Toska Cooper

Zeta Phi Beta

Sean Goheen

Office of Campus Activities & Programs

Emily Houston

Sigma Kappa




Minerva with gloves

Keeping warm!

That silly Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, burrowing back into his home and predicting 6 more weeks of winter.  After our latest Polar Vortex I am not sure how much more of this I can take, Spartans! UNCG students are awesome though for trekking through the snow and ice to continue to class and participate in our Winterfest activities.  Thanks again to whoever lent me their purple gloves last week!






UNCG students, along with students from Bennett College and Greensboro College, participated in MLK Day of Service on January 20. Planned by the Office of Leadership and Service-Learning, students volunteered their time to celebrate and honor Martin Luther King, Jr. through community service. The “MLK Challenge” as they call it consisted of a half-day intense tackle of local community service projects. I got the chance to see students from all three institutions depart from UNCG after a light breakfast, wearing their gray MLK Service Day t-shirts and proudly giving up their day off from school to volunteer and give back to Greensboro! I’m so proud of our Spartans for stepping up to the challenge!



Phi Beta Sigma Crest

Phi Beta Sigma Crest

2014 marks the 100 year anniversary for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. – and UNCG is home to a proud Rho Beta chapter!

The chapter was founded in February 1988 by Rodric Joyner in hopes of setting its own path, which it did very quickly. After winning first place at the Spring Fling Step Show, they continued to receive awards from the UNCG fraternity and sorority community, Sigma Regional and National offices, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council for outstanding service.

One little known fact: did you know Phi Beta Sigma is responsible for founding the UNCG chapter for NAACP? How awesome is that!

Phi Beta Sigma is internationally-known and led, including establishing educational foundations, leadership institutes, charitable outreach foundations, and even their own federal credit union! They also formed Zeta Phi Beta Sorority as a sister organization and still to this day maintain a supportive relationship.

This year Phi Beta Sigma celebrated its centennial by placing a monument for its founding brothers at Howard University – home of the first Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. If you or someone you know is a Phi Beta Sigma Brother, you can donate to have his name etched on the monument until the end of this month.

Another little known fact: George Washington Carver, Al Sharpton, and The Temptations are just a few famous Phi Beta Sigma Brothers! (Bill Clinton and Al Roker are honorary Brothers!)



UNCG Running Club

UNCG Running Club

One of the most awesome things about UNCG is our diverse and exciting campus. Every year, I see a greater variety of students enter our doors with different backgrounds, interests, languages, clothing, and identities. What better way to celebrate our eclectic student body than by joining one of our many student groups! Last I heard UNCG was well past the 200 mark with groups who are interested in anime, running, art, politics, and more. There’s even a QUIDDITCH club! I see them regularly hold matches.

Are you a part of a student group? If so, tell me what’s awesome about it! If you aren’t, you should visit the UNCG Community to search an interest you have – and if you don’t see what you want, all you need are 5 group members to form your own group!

I want to give an official introduction to our newest student groups this semester!

Cycling Club

Colleges Against Cancer

Dental Club

The Tap

American Marketing Association

Students of Action



A big, warm welcome back to all Spartans! It’s time to shake off the winter break blues and get started on a fresh semester. I love seeing students, new and old, stop by and take pictures of me on their way to class. I sure hope all your apple offerings paid off last semester.

I noticed the blue Winter Welcome event posters around campus. So many fun activities these next couple of weeks! Including CAB’s WinterFest, featuring a FREE comedy show, Bobcats basketball game takeover, Winter Formal, and much much more.

Continue to check back to my blog and catch up on all the awesome things UNCG has to offer. I’m hoping for some great submissions to write about so pass the word on to your friends to share their thoughts!



Phi Beta Kappa, 1947

Woman’s College Student Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 1947

What has invested over 2,000 hours doing community service, raised more than $10,000 for philanthropies, and grew 69% in the last year? The UNCG four CPC sororities Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega and Sigma Sigma Sigma – that’s what!  Thanks to a re-elected president with an ambition to unify Greek life – Camille Zarzar – awareness of the incredible benefits of being involved in a fraternity or sorority is continuing to grow. Camille was featured in a DSBA feature on UNCG Now and the UNCG homepage! She also mentions her strong support system with newly-elected Michelle Nash, the entire CPC executive board, and staff members from Campus Activities & Programs.

Gamma Sigma Sigma, 1980

The ladies of Gamma Sigma Sigma, 1980

Personally, I can attest to the increase in Greek life here on campus. In my almost 110 years here, I have seen many fraternities and sororities come and go, but the benefits are always the same – it’s a great way to boost your leadership skills and make new friends. I see all the amazing things that being a part of a sister- or brotherhood can do for a person, and the fulfillment students get when they are a part of something bigger than classwork. Maybe one of these days I will get an honorary bid, just like Vice Chancellor Cherry Callahan! In February 2013, Dr. Callahan received a bid of membership from Sigma Sigma Sigma because of her passion for the Greek community, despite never actually being a part of it during her undergraduate.

Other councils for UNCG Greek life include IFC, MAC and NPHC, which make up over 20 chapters on campus, doing community service, raising money for various charities, and just generally having fun. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Visit the CAP Greek Life website for more information.



Comedy Show

Comedy Show

The Campus Activities Board, or CAB, has been planning and implementing events on campus all semester long! They do a great job of using our Student Activity Fee to bring in concerts, magicians, comedy shows, an ice skating rink, and even FREE chicken and waffles from Dame’s. Events like these have increased the amount of students I see staying on campus over the weekend. This helps to bring our UNCG community even closer together by sharing in these experiences. They are a great example of students “doing something bigger altogether!” CAB events are planned by students, for students. What’s better than that?

Curious what activities CAB has planned next? Their calendar can be found at cap.uncg.edu. Rumor has it CAB’s WinterFest is planned for January 24 – February 2 and will include events such as a Super Bowl Party, a comedy show, a Winter Formal, and more!

Thanks CAB for all that you do!


Students of all accessibility levels are welcome!

Students of all accessibility levels are welcome!

Talk about an office that does great things for students on campus – OARS has been assisting and advocating for those who need accommodations here at UNCG. We have a vibrant and diverse campus with a variety of accessibility needs. I’ve seen this team help a student who returned from academic probation realize that they were struggling because they were needing alternative testing! OARS also visits buildings on campus to make sure all are handicap accessible. The best part of OARS is that everything stays confidential! So don’t be embarrassed about visiting their office – I’ve seen hundreds of students prosper because they finally asked for help. All students at UNCG deserve to be treated fairly and if I see any funny business, I’ll be reporting you to Bruce!

Classes may be canceled, but #spartanfest is not! Come out tonight for @TheIncredibles at 7! #uncg #uncgway #uncgace https://t.co/Uhl8afzCD3

If you have access or accommodation concerns, please contact x45800. Since these accommodations take time, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure proper arrangements.