Photo Collection


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UNCG Homecoming 2018 – Block Party


UNCG Homecoming 2018 – Bonfire


UNCG Homecoming 2018 – Royal Court Coronation


UNCG Homecoming 2018 – Royal Court Contest


UNCG NPHC Meeting the Greeks (2018)


It’s All Greek to Me (2018)


Rawkin’ Welcome Week 2018 – Party Like a Rawkstar Paint Edition


Fall Kickoff 2018


Excellence Banquet (Spring 2018)


Spartapalooza (Spring 2018)


Spring Fling – Comedy Show (Spring 2018)


Better Together Cookout (Spring 2018)


Fall Kickoff 2017


Excellence Banquet (Spring 2017)


Fraternal Leadership Institute (FLI) 2018

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125th Paint Party (FLI) 2017


Homecoming Block Party (FLI) 2017


UNCG Homecoming 2017  – Bonfire


UNCG Homecoming 2017  – Glow Party


UNCG Homecoming 2017  – Royal Court Contest


UNCG Homecoming 2017  – Kickoff


UNCG Homecoming 2016 – Spartan Madness


UNCG Homecoming 2014


Summer 2014 Memorial Day Cookout


2014 UNCG Excellence Awards


2014 Fraternity & Sorority Life Excellence Awards


Spartan Hour Tuesday: Mardi Gras Celebration 2014


Fall 2013 Stress Free Finals Study Break & Annual Luminary Dedication Ceremony


2013 Veterans Day Remembrance Ceremony & Roll Call


Field of Honor 2013


Homecoming 2013

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