UNCG Spartans of Excellence Student Awards Ceremony

UNC Greensboro will honor outstanding student leaders and groups at the 2023 Spartans of Excellence Student Awards Ceremony on Monday, April 24, 2023. This annual event provides an exciting opportunity to celebrate the impact our students and organizations make as leaders, scholars, and innovators.

Excellence Award categories

  • Outstanding Student Group of the Year
  • Outstanding New Student Group of the Year
  • Outstanding Student Leader (Undergraduate/Graduate)
  • Group Excellence in Innovation
  • Group Excellence in Advocacy
  • Group Excellence in Community Service
  • Outstanding Student Group Advisor
  • Spartan Leadership Award

*Below are a list of award descriptions

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Do you know a student group doing outstanding things across campus? Do you work with or know an amazing student leader? Is there a student group advisor that stands out? Consider nominating them for one of our Excellence Awards!

Note: Nominations do not replace the application process. All nominees must apply for the award(s) they have been nominated for.

Student Group and Leadership Award Application Information

Apply on Spartan Connect at the link here or go to Spartan Connect and click on the “Forms” tab. Applications for CAP student group and individual leadership awards open on Monday, February 13 and close on Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 11:59pm. All winners will be announced at the ceremony.

Award Policies

  • Individuals and groups can be nominated by faculty and/or staff to win one of the awards, but it is the responsibility of the nominee to fill out the application to be considered for the award. The additional application information MUST be completed by the nominee in order to be considered by the Selection Committee.

Award Criteria

  • Applicants must be full time undergraduate or graduate student of the University at the time of nomination in order for their applications to be considered.
  • Recipients, both group and individual, cannot win the same award in two consecutive years.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 for undergraduate applicants; minimum GPA of 3.00 for graduate applicants.
  • All student group or individual projects referred to in applications must have happened in the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Activities & Campus Events (ACE) is exempt from student group awards due to their special circumstances regarding financial support, staff support, and programming nature of their group. Individual ACE members, however, ARE eligible for individual awards [Spartan Leadership and Outstanding Student Leader].
  • Individuals and student groups must be in good academic standing and have a good conduct standing with the University.
  • Each award may have additional criteria.

Award Descriptions

Outstanding Student Group of the Year – presented to one (1) student group who exceed excellence within the CAP’s Four Pillars of Excellence: Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Community. The group(s) awarded this honor will have met all requirements to becoming a Student Group of Excellence (click here to view minimum requirements). Further, the group awarded this honor will have set themselves apart through their Spartan Pride, and a proven dedication to contributing to the university and Greensboro-area, and operates as the model student group that other groups can aspire toward

Outstanding New Student Group of the Year – presented to one (1) student group established at UNCG during the 2021 – 2022 academic year that exceeds within the CAP’s Four Pillars of Excellence: Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Community. The group that is awarded this honor will have also displayed excellence in programming, initiative, and creativity as they establish their legacy here at The G

Outstanding Student Group Advisor –  presented to a faculty or staff member to be recognized for his/her work with a student group in development of students, their leadership skills and creativity, as well as group development. This individual should have made significant contributions to the UNCG community, is aware of University policies and procedures, and serve as an advisor VOLUNTARILY (it is not part of their job/professional responsibilities). As an advisor, he/she must have maintained regular communication with the student group, regularly attended meetings and/or events, and understand the group’s mission

Outstanding Student Leader (Undergraduate/Graduate) – presented to one (1) undergraduate and one (1) graduate individual, who has exemplified a balance of personal and academic excellence, and meaningful leadership involvement in the UNCG community. The individual must have completed leadership training or orientation programs, and either: a) participated in a student group, b) been employed by the University, and/or c) participated in a committee

Spartan Leadership Awards – presented to ten (10) undergraduate or graduate students of UNCG who have demonstrated outstanding spirit, leadership and service. These students exemplify UNCG values with leadership, commitment, respect for others, and going beyond the call of duty. Students will be chosen from the remaining applicants of the Outstanding Student Leader Awards

Group Excellence in Innovation – presented to a group for demonstrating innovative and creative programming in a single event or on an ongoing basis. Achievements in planning, delegation, execution, promotion, and presentation of programs will be taken into consideration. This group must have demonstrated effective use of available resources, promotion and marketing efforts, and considered the diverse population of student audiences. Clarity and achievement of the program’s stated goals and objectives are essential

Group Excellence in Advocacy – presented to a student group for their commitment to equality and solidarity in the UNCG community. This group challenges our community to be one based on fairness, calls for direct action to implement social change, and helps students realize their potential. They must demonstrate a strong desire for improving cultural, socioeconomic, and gender role understanding, and have bridged the many groups represented on campus

Group Excellence in Community Service – presented to a student group based on overall community service efforts. These efforts could consist of a one-time program or a series of programs during an academic year, up to the application deadline. Consideration for recognition is based on how closely the series of programs reflects the group’s mission, student participation in development and execution, effective use of available resources, and the impact of the service in meeting the community’s needs

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