Current Student Group Resources

Remain abreast of current policy and procedures in order to keep good standing as a registered student group

Contact List

  • General Student Group Questions?
    • Email
  • Finance Questions?
  • Specific Questions about a Group Event?
    • Event Consultants:
    • A-N: Meredith Atchison,
    • O-Z: Erin Kramer,
    • Media Groups (WUAG, The Carolinian, The Coraddi): Meredith Atchison,
    • CPC and MGC Chapters: Ashley Jones,
    • IFC and NPHC Chapters: Lomar Osborne,
    • Greek-lettered Organizations (non-social): Curtis Tarver,

Maintain Your Registered & Recognized Student Groups Status:

  • Send one representative to the Registration Meeting in March – April.
  • Head Officer must attend LEAD Academy in the Fall.
  • Submit Annual Registration Form via Spartan Connect by the deadline given in the registration meeting.
  • Maintain accurate roster including officers/leadership positions on Spartan Connect.

Student Group Resources

Registered student groups have access to:

  • Academic and meeting space on campus
  • Funding and fiscal accounts on campus
  • Fundraising and the ability to accept donations on behalf of group
  • Office space and storage lockers
  • Student Group Resource Room
Student Group Cubicles

Assignment of office space for student groups in the Elliott University Center is based upon their expected level of
involvement in the Elliott University Center and contribution to the life of the University community, as evaluated by the Office of Campus Activities and Programs. At this time, there is no available office space.

Student Group Storage Lockers

Storage lockers are located in EUC Room 225 and 227. Student groups have access to lockers on a first come, first serve basis. To gain access to a storage locker, student groups must complete a Storage Cabinet Locker Agreement. Once complete, return the form to Kynnith Francis-Vaughan, CAP Office Suite [EUC 252], to be signed and given a locker assignment.

Student Group Finances

  • Student groups can have two finance accounts on campus: Student Group Fundraising Account and SGA Allocations Account. The balance of each can be checked on Spartan Connect
    • Student Group Fundraising Account: This account is for student group dues, money gathered by fundraising, and ANY other funds the student group acquires. All funds will roll over until they are spent.
    • SGA Allocations Account: This account is ONLY for SGA allocations. Allocations will be automatically transferred into the account. These funds will only be available for the semester given.
  • Purchasing: Student groups must submit a purchase request form to make purchases using funds in one of the above accounts.
    • Purchase requests must be submitted 3 weeks before supplies are needed. Any purchase requests submitted outside of this timeframe will not be processed.
  • Deposits: Money can only be deposited into the Student Group Fundraising Account. CAP only accepts in-person deposits in the form of check or cash. To deposit funds, come to the CAP office (Elliott University Center Suite 250 – 262), complete a deposit envelope, place cash and/or check into envelope, and then drop the envelope in the deposit box.
  • Fund reimbursement is not available. Please do not spend personal funds for group supplies.


  • CAP recommends the following vendors for commonly purchased goods:
    • Click the following hyperlink to access commonly used vendors.


  • A contract is required if a student group needs to pay an individual person and/or company to render a service. Examples include DJ, photographer, and keynote speakers.
  • Under NO circumstances should a student group create and/or sign a contract. Contracts are to be created by a group’s Event Consultant.
  • Student groups who need a contract created in order to pay for services should complete the Contract Request Form.
    • This form must be completed at least 3 weeks before your event.
  • For more information on contracts, please contact your Event Consultant.

Student Group Funding Opportunities

  • There are multiple University funding sources available for student groups: Student Government Association, Graduate Student Association, and the Office of Intercultural Engagement
    • For specific information on available funding, please contact the above offices directly.
    • For more information on SGA Allocations, click here.
  • Additional sources include fundraising events, membership dues, and donations from companies and local businesses.

Budgeting Tips

  • Your student group budget is imperative to smooth group management. In addition, budgeting skills are great to include on your resume!
    • Click here for an example budget spreadsheet.
  • Plan ahead for expenses. Consider setting up meeting time with your officers/executive board specifically to discuss the group’s semester budget.
  • Make sure you understand all policies and procedures outlined in the Student Group Manual.
  • Always ask for help! Reach out to your Event Consultant if you have any questions.

Updating Group Leadership

  • Groups who change leadership in the middle of the academic year (Head Officer, Advisor, and/or Treasurer) must complete the Leadership Change form via Spartan Connect.

Misc. Information

  • Keep group’s Spartan Connect page up to date at all times. Spartan Connect is the first stop for prospective members.
  • How often are you communicating with general body members? Create a communication schedule to check in on a consistent basis.
  • Meetings are important for student groups. Schedule all general body and executive board meetings (at least six weeks in advance) and share the dates out.
  • Create both short-term and long-term goals for the group. This will provide the group with a clear path and direction.

Student Group How-to One Pagers:

On-campus vaccine clinics will be hosted in the EUC this Thursday, April 8, Friday, April 9, and Monday, April 12 f…

If you have access or accommodation concerns, please contact x45800. Since these accommodations take time, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure proper arrangements.