Current Student Group Resources

Remain abreast of current policy and procedures in order to keep good standing as a registered student group

Contact List

Maintain Your Registered & Recognized Student Groups Status:

  • Send one representative to the Registration Meeting in March – April
  • Head Officer must complete Lead Academy before the end of the fall semester
  • Submit Annual Registration Form via Spartan Connect by the deadline given in the registration meeting
  • Maintain accurate roster including officers/leadership positions on Spartan Connect
  • Complete End of Year Survey during the annual registration period

Student Group Finances

  • Student groups can have two finance accounts on campus: Student Group Fundraising Account and SGA Allocations Account. The balance of each can be checked on Spartan Connect
  • To use student group finances, a purchase request form must be submitted
  • For more information on SGA Allocations, click here
  • There are multiple University funding sources available for student groups: Student Government Association, Graduate Student Association, Office of Intercultural Engagement
  • Additional sources include fundraising events, membership dues, and donations from companies and local businesses

Budgeting Tips

  • Your student group budget is imperative to smooth group management. In addition, budgeting skills are great to include on your resume!
    • Click here for an example budget spreadsheet
  • Plan ahead for expenses. Consider setting up meeting time with your officers/executive board specifically to discuss the group’s semester budget
  • Make sure you understand all policies and procedures outlined in the Student Group Manual
  • For additional information, see Where’s the Money? Lead Academy module via Canvas
  • Always ask for help! Reach out to your Event Consultant or CAP’s Business Management Team if you have any questions

Updating Group Leadership

  • Groups who change leadership in the middle of the academic year (Head Officer, Advisor, and/or Treasurer) must complete the Leadership Change form via Spartan Connect
    • Click here to access form
  • All new Head Officers must complete Lead Academy, even if the previous head officer has already completed it

Additional Information

  • Keep group’s Spartan Connect page up to date at all times. Spartan Connect is the first stop for prospective members
  • How often are you communicating with general body members? Create a communication schedule to check in on a consistent basis
  • Meetings are important for student groups. Schedule all general body and executive board meetings (at least six weeks in advance) and share the dates out
  • Create both short-term and long-term goals for the group. This will provide the group with a clear path and direction

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