Lead Academy


Lead Academy is a student group-focused leadership development program. Combining group development and easy accessible modules via Canvas, Lead Academy provides head officers of registered student groups with the tools to best direct and govern their group.

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ALL head officers/presidents are required to complete required Lead Academy modules to have their student group remain in good standing. All modules include PowerPoint, videos, PDFs, and other multimedia  There are a total of (9) modules surrounding important topics that will assist in leading a successful student group. See below for all module topics:

Required Modules

  • I for Inclusion: If my Group Inclusive?
  • Programming Tips and Tricks
  • Where’s the Money? Managing your Group’s Finances
  • R&R: Moving Passed Recruitment
  • Self Care

Optional Modules

  • How to Serve: Community Service and your Group
  • Virtual Engagement Best Practices
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Spartan Connect 101

How to Complete

Each module has a corresponding reflection question that must be answered for credit for the module. All reflections are due on November 24, the last day of class for the Fall semester. Please keep in mind that only the required modules need to have completed reflections. With Lead Academy being completely remote, this extended time period will allow you to access each module on your own time.

Additional Resources

  • Small Group Discussion Boards: A part of being a successful group is collaboration. Use your small group’s discussion board to network with other head officers.
  • Optional Modules: The basics are important, but take your group to the next level by engaging in our option modules! Completing the reflections are recommended, but not required.


  • I am not in the Canvas group. What do I do?
    • Please contact Kynnith Francis-Vaughan, kjfranc2@uncg.edu, with the name of your student group to be added to the Lead Academy Canvas page.
  • I am a new head officer. Do I still have to complete Lead Academy
    • Yes;  all head officers of group’s created/registered after October 30 will be added to Lead Academy’s Spring Session.
  • When are reflections due?
    • All reflections are now due on November 24 at 11:59pm
  • Do I have to complete all module reflections?
    • No; you only have to complete the 5 required module reflections. While the optional modules are highly recommended, they are not required to complete Lead Academy.
  • Can my executive board be added to the Canvas page?
    • Yes! Please complete this Google Form to get your executive board members added to the Canvas page. Note: This form has to be complete to get non-head officers added to the Canvas page.
  • I do not see a grade next to my reflection. What should I do?
    • Reflections are not graded based on length, grammar, or spelling; rather we assess each on the individual’s take aways from the content.  All reflections will be marked as completed; no numerical grade will be assigned.
  • What are the reflections for?
    • While listening to a dictated PowerPoint is a good start, true learning happens after one reflects on said content. It is important that as a head officer, you are making meaning from the provided modules, thus why we require a reflection. Furthermore, In order to assess the quality of content for Lead Academy, we read through each and every reflection.
  • Why do I have to be apart of Lead Academy?
    • “Head officer” and “president” are merely titles. They do not come with leadership skills nor the capacity to direct an entire student group. Lead Academy ensures all head officers of a registered student group are equipped with the skills that are associated with said title.


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