About the SGA Executive Cabinet

Members of the SGA Executive Cabinet are appointed by the SGA President to serve in their respective roles. The purpose of the SGA Executive Cabinet is to assist the SGA President in their duties and the goals they set for the session. SGA Executive Cabinet members frequently work with UNCG administrators, faculty, and staff to share student concerns, engage in policy and procedure conversations, and implement relevant programming to support UNCG students.

Jyesha Mckinney


The SGA Chief of Staff serves as the primary liaison between both the SGA President and the SGA Executive Cabinet. In their role, the SGA Chief of Staff supports the initiatives of the SGA Executive Cabinet and holds members accountable for creating purposeful and substantive initiatives that benefit UNCG student.

seren wang


The SGA Director of Academic Affairs serves as the chief student advocate for all academic-related issues. In their role, the SGA Director of Academic Affairs is responsible for sharing academic concerns with the SGA Vice President to share with the Provost, implementing academic initiatives to increase awareness of academic changes and policies, and may work with the UNCG Faculty Senate on academic issues impacting UNCG students.

Mobosola Banjo


The SGA Director of Business Affairs serves as the chief student advocate for excellence in all business-related issues on campus including campus resources including but not limited to Dining Services, Parking and Campus Access Management, and the UNCG Police Department. Additionally, the Director of Business Affairs will collaborate with the Chairs of the Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee and the Current Concerns Committee. They will work together to create a clear plan of action for students who need their accommodations addressed and provide accountability for all members in their roles.

Michael Garcia


The Director of Community Affairs serves as the chief student advocate for all areas but focusing mainly on the areas surrounding campus. In their role, the Director of Community Affairs will be responsible for creating and maintaining ongoing SGA community initiatives. Additionally, the Director for Community Affairs shall also reach out to other Greensboro colleges and universities to strengthen our Greensboro community.

Cailyn Stackhouse


The Director of Media Affairs serves as the Creative Director behind SGA outreach and publicity efforts, the webmaster for the SGA website, and collaborates with the Publicity Committee to represent the organization on all media platforms and is responsible for matters related to technology. Additionally, the Director of Media Affairs supervises the SGA Public Relations Team.

Mamadou demba


The Director of Student Affairs serves as the chief student advocate for all student-related issues on campus and across the UNC System. Additionally, the Director of Student Affairs shall be responsible for uniting the UNC Greensboro student body to create a stronger community.

Nicholas Yeobah


The SGA Director of Sustainability Affairs partners with the UNCG’s Office of Sustainability to address and encourage the development and implementation of sustainable practices at the university. As a part of their role, the SGA Director of Sustainability Affairs is a member of the UNCG Green Fund Committee which provides grants to UNCG students and employees for efforts that support sustainability initiatives at UNCG.

Bashar Al-Janabi


The ASG Liaison serves as the primary chief student advocate for all students in all areas relevant to the UNC Association of Student Governments (ASG). The ASG Liaison shall attend the monthly ASG Meetings, and should coordinate who else is going to the monthly meetings. After attending monthly meetings, the ASG Liaison must share an update, information learned, and key takeaways from the meeting with the Senate.

SGA Public Relations Team

The SGA Public Relations Team works with the SGA Director of Media Affairs to create promotional materials including graphics, flyers, videos, and more to promote the work of the SGA via social media and other methods of communication.

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