SGA Legislative Board

Members of the SGA Legislative Board assist the Vice President in achieving their goals for the session and meeting the needs of the UNCG student body. The SGA Vice President appoints UNCG students to the positions outlined below. Each member of the SGA Legislative Board has specific responsibilities assigned to their role and support SGA initiatives and programs as needed.

Sydney arnao


The SGA Treasurer shall execute and administer the Financial Guidelines of the SGA Standard Operating Procedures and all the financial acts of the Senate. Additionally, the SGA Treasurer shall serve as an ex officio member of the Finance Committee. As an ex officio member of the Finance committee, the SGA Treasurer gives the committee advice and additional information. In addition to this, the SGA Treasurer makes sure that the Finance committee’s decisions line up with the Financial guidelines and procedures in the Standard Operating Procedure.

Kate Vazquez-Rivera


The SGA Legislative Assistant is responsible for managing the administrative functions of the SGA Legislative Branch including sharing upcoming meeting information with SGA members, recording the minutes and attendance of Senate meetings, and keep an accurate record of legislation passed, failed, or considered by the SGA Student Senate.

Duna Lusine Kassis


The Parliamentarian shall advise the Senate on matters pertaining to parliamentary procedure, past precedence, or any others for the maintenance of a civil meeting.

maisha coffie-tsyewu


The SGA Historian is responsible for compiling documentation and notes from SGA events, senate meetings, programs, and more for the means of collecting the historic significance of SGA.

Fatima Elhorry


The Current Concerns Committee shall have primary responsibility for seeking out and investigating the concerns of the Student Body while proactively finding resolutions to the concerns they gathered. The Current Concerns Committee Chair and members strive to gather student concerns in a timely manner by tabling and creating programs based on these concerns expressed by the student body.

Yawa Eklou


The Elections Committee shall have primary responsibility for conducting consistent, unbiased, and fair elections for the elected positions of the SGA. Along with the committee, the Elections Committee Chair is responsible for presenting an election timeline to the Senate which includes dates and times for the nomination period, campaign period, and voting period.

Sam Steele


The Finance Committee shall have primary responsibility for allocating student group funds in a fair, unbiased and consistent manner to students and groups of this University. In collaboration with the Finance Committee, the Finance Committee Chair is responsible for determining the allocations process, reviewing requests, and making finance allocations decisions.

Mayar Eldeeb


The Legislative Committee shall have primary responsibility for reviewing legislation prior to presentation to the Senate to ensure quality and consistency. In order to ensure legislation does not conflict with SGA governing documents and meets the requirements for implementation, the committee reviews all legislation submitted by other committees, members of the Senate, officers of the SGA, or by students.

Shamar curry


The Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee shall have primary responsibility for addressing the concerns of UNC Greensboro students and spreading awareness for social justice, diversity, and inclusion on campus. As the Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee chair, the person in this role is responsible for implementing programs and initiatives that promote social justice, diversity, and inclusion at UNCG.


The SGA Student Senate consists of 38 UNCG students who were elected by their peers to serve in a senator role. The Student Senate has the power to bring forth legislation addressing matters of concern that affect any portion of the student body, campus, or University. Student Senate legislation shall take the form of resolutions, appropriations, and any other general policy statements reflecting the attitude or position of the Student Government. To become effective, all legislation must be passed by the Legislative Branch of SGA. Senators are expected to represent a specific group of constituents based on their position as well as the general UNCG student body.

Positions will be filled during special elections in the fall 2024 semester.

Yawa Eklou
Amiya Jeter
Seren Wang

Maisha Dzidzor Coffie-Tsyewu
Fatima Elhorry
Alexander Tostado-Chavez

Jia Emaus
Allison Hussey
Timothy Trinidad

Kaylah Perry

Mayar Eldeeb

Marcel Kongozo

Tyler Ann Adderley
Shamar Curry
Aimaya Mason
Bryson Nguyen
Chris Perez

Autumn Baker

Lecourtney Blackmon
Fox Brown

RJ Hester

Benaiah Dowd

Sam Steele, Bryan School of Business and Economics Senator
Coren O’Brien, College of Arts and Sciences Senator
S’kya Muwwakkil, School of Health & Human Sciences Senator
VACANT, College of Visual and Performing Arts Senator
VACANT, School of Education Senator
VACANT, School of Nursing Senator

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