Student Groups of Excellence

Become a Student Group of Excellence

Once groups are registered and recognized, they can go on to be awarded a Group of Excellence.

Student Groups will be evaluated on meeting the minimum requirements under CAPs Four Pillars of Excellence:

  1. Community: Collaboration is an important skill that all successful student groups must have. Working alongside peers to create meaningful experiences provides vibrancy to our entire campus community. Student groups who excel in this pillar often collaborate on events and seek to support other groups.

    Minimum Requirement: Collaborate with 1 or more student groups on an event or special project

  2. Leadership: Student groups are breeding grounds for leaders. CAP believes that leadership skills acquired should be used to not only better oneself, but better their peers. Student groups who excel in the leadership pillar use their platform to lead fellow Spartans, contain leaders who move their group forward, and regularly engage in leader development.

    Minimum Requirement: Engage in a form of leadership development during the academic year. Examples include OLCE’s Leadership Challenge or OIE’s Safe Zone

  3. Service: CAP strives to ensure those within student groups are developing as “active citizens” or someone who engages within their community. Student groups who excel in this pillar actively engage within the Guilford County and Greensboro community, seek opportunities to serve alongside community members, and provide opportunities to explore their values, passions, and interests.

    Minimum Requirement: Engage in at least 1 community service project per academic year

  4. Scholarship: Co-curricular involvement compliments a strong academic career. It is proven that involvement in activities outside of the classroom helps students do better academically. Student groups who excel in this pillar are successful in the classroom and actively support their peers and greater community in the area of academic success.

    Minimum Requirement: Average group GPA of 3.0

Once a student group has achieved all 4 recognition pillars, they will be rewarded with their name on a visible plaque in the student organization cubicles, website recognition, and Groups of Excellence will be announced at the annual UNCG Excellence Awards Banquet in the Spring.

Student Groups will have the opportunity to apply for Group of Excellence status starting January 18, 2022. Contact Kynnith Francis-Vaughan,, with any questions.

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