I Want to Join a Student Group

UNCG is home to over 250 student groups. With that many options, we’re sure you’ll find something that interests you! Getting involved in student groups is an excellent way to meet people, get connected to UNCG, explore your interests, and build leadership skills.

Click here for a full list of student groups available on campus. Interested in a fraternity or sorority? Check them out here.



Don’t think you have time? Take a look below…

You Have 21 hrs. to Get Involved!

College provides students with many exciting and challenging growth experiences. It is a time when students begin preparing for their careers and shaping the rest of their lives.

The University and all its resources are organized to offer students an academic experience with the first order. Self-realization and growth in individual competencies is also achieved through student participation in a variety of co-curricular experiences including social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, spiritual, and governance programs.

24 hrs. x 7 168
Class and Study
15 hours a week for class plus 2 hours of study for each hour of class
A good night’s Sleep
7 hours per night
Personal Needs: 2 hours a day
eating, doing laundry, showering, answering mail, banking, etc.
A good Exercise Program
1 hour a day
A good Social Life (movies, going to a game, concerts, etc.)
three events a week, 4 hours per event
Most UNCG student who choose to work part-time will work 20 hours per week                20
Time Left: 21

One week contains (7) 24-hour days giving a total of 168 hours. For a traditional college student, that time is allocated a number of ways including attending class and studying, sleeping, attending to personal needs, having a social life and maybe even a job.

This leaves 21 hours a week to serve on a committee, run for student government, become active in hall council or participate in any of the other activities and organizations that make up campus life.

Student involvement is an important part of the University experience. Desired outcomes from student involvement include:

  • Augmenting communication skills
  • Reinforcing ethical behavior and integrity
  • Developing accountability and responsibility
  • Strengthening conflict management skills
  • Enhancing social competence
  • Learning group dynamics
  • Assisting in intellectual development

Individuals are offered opportunities to problem-solve and to utilize moral and ethical decision-making skills. Students’ academic knowledge is enhanced through linking theory with experience. Students also increase their exposure to diverse populations from out-of-class experiences.

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