Student groups play an important role in the UNCG community and the CAP office is committed to providing resources and support for student groups to be successful at UNCG. CAP encourages student group leaders and advisors to read through the manuals below.

Important Student Group Contacts

General Student Group Questions

General student group questions can be directed to [email protected]. Student group finance questions can be directed to Corey Potts at [email protected]

cap Student Group Event Consultants

Every student group is assigned a CAP event consultant who offers support in navigating campus policies and procedures related to event planning, purchasing, and more. If you have questions, please reach out to your designated staff member based on the first letter of your group’s name as it is listed in Spartan Connect.

Student Group Resources

Student group leaders must re-register their student organizations every year in order to remain active. CAP will offer student group re-registration meetings in the spring semester to share information about this process. Student groups must also ensure their roster is up to date and meets all of the requirements to be an active student group.

Registered student groups have access to:

  • Academic and meeting space on campus
  • Funding and fiscal accounts on campus
  • Fundraising and the ability to accept donations on behalf of group
  • Office space and storage lockers
  • Student Group Resource Room
Student Group Cubicles

Assignment of office space for student groups in the Elliott University Center is based upon their expected level of involvement in the Elliott University Center and contribution to the life of the University community, as evaluated by Campus Activities and Programs. At this time, there is no available office spaces.

student group storage lockers

Storage lockers are located in EUC Room 225 and 227. Student groups have access to lockers on a first come, first serve basis. To gain access to a storage locker, student groups must reach out to Meredith Atchison to receive information on next steps.


Student groups who plan to have mail delivered to campus regularly may sign up for a student group mailbox. The Student Group Mailbox document has more information about the process.

Student Group Accounts
  • There are multiple University funding sources available for student groups: Student Government AssociationGraduate Student Association, and the Office of Intercultural Engagement
  • Additional sources include fundraising events, membership dues, and donations from companies and local businesses.
  • Student groups can have two finance accounts on campus: Student Group Fundraising Account and SGA Allocations Account. The balance of each can be checked on Spartan Connect
    • Student Group Fundraising Account: This account is for student group dues, money gathered by fundraising, and ANY other funds the student group acquires. All funds will roll over until they are spent.
    • SGA Allocations Account: This account is ONLY for SGA allocations. Allocations will be automatically transferred into the account. These funds will only be available for the semester given.
  • Purchasing: Student groups must submit a Student Group Purchase Request Form within the required deadline to make purchases using funds in one of the above accounts.
    • Purchase requests must be submitted 3 weeks before supplies are needed. Any purchase requests submitted outside of this timeframe will not be processed.
  • Deposits: Money can only be deposited into the Student Group Fundraising Account. CAP only accepts in-person deposits in the form of check or cash (no coins). To deposit funds, come to the CAP office (Elliott University Center Suite 250 – 262), complete a deposit envelope, place cash and/or check into envelope, and then drop the envelope in the deposit box.
  • Fund reimbursement is not available. Please do not spend personal funds for group supplies as students will not be reimbursed for these purchases.

Student groups must work with their CAP event consultants when utilizing outside vendors for things like catering, sound/AV equipment, performers, and more. Students are not permitted to sign any agreements with vendors.

  • A contract is required if a student group needs to pay an individual person and/or company to render a service. Examples include DJ, photographer, and keynote speakers.
  • Under NO circumstances should a student group create and/or sign a contract. Contracts are to be created by a group’s Event Consultant.
  • Student groups who need a contract created in order to pay for services should complete the Contract Request Form.
    • This form must be completed at least 4 weeks before your event.
  • For more information on contracts, please contact your Event Consultant.
budgeting tips
  • Your student group budget is imperative to smooth group management. In addition, budgeting skills are great to include on your resume!
  • Plan ahead for expenses. Consider setting up meeting time with your officers/executive board specifically to discuss the group’s semester budget.
  • Make sure you understand all policies and procedures outlined in the Student Group Manual.
  • Always ask for help! Reach out to your Event Consultant if you have any questions.

Groups who change leadership in the middle of the academic year (Head Officer, Advisor, and/or Treasurer) must complete the Leadership Change form via Spartan Connect. You will need to be logged into Spartan Connect in order to complete this form.

Student groups who wish to reserve classrooms, space in the Elliott University Center, the Kaplan Center, and outdoor spaces must create a vEMS account with University Reservations. The form to request access can be found on the University Reservations website under the “For Students” section. Student groups are permitted to give two people access to their vEMS reservations page.

Student group leaders and members are expected to utilize Spartan Connect to manage their roster, submit event requests, manage finances, and more. CAP has created a number of training documents and videos to assist student groups in navigating the system. Spartan Connect training resources can be found by clicking on the button below.

Student Group Policies

Student Group Advisor Resources

Serving as a student group advisor is a rewarding opportunity to serve UNC Greensboro and develop student group leaders. All full-time UNCG faculty or staff members can serve as a student group advisor. All registered student groups require at least one advisor. Please refer to the Student Group Manual above for additional resources.

  • An advisor, not a group leader
  • A role model for student group leaders
  • Someone who has genuine interest in the group’s mission statement

  • Reaffirm their service as we register student groups & participate in advisor trainings
  • Remain knowledgeable about student group activities & consult on programs when needed
  • Meet regularly with group leaders and help students navigate campus policies & procedures
  • Aid in good decision making & assist in effective officer transition
  • Provide open communication and feedback with honesty and respect
  • Be present for your students

Are you ready to get started on your journey as an advisor? Complete the Student Group Advisor Interest Form and CAP will match you with a student group looking for an advisor!

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