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What is a fraternity or sorority?

These are unique organizations that have been on college campuses for over one hundred years. Fraternities and sororities are student organizations that are recognized by the the institution as well as a national office that oversees all chapters. These organizations are designed to develop students through a variety of opportunities. Unlike most student organizations, fraternity and sorority membership does not end when you graduate. Being a member of a fraternity or sorority is a lifetime experience that entails continued involvement long after graduation.

What is the time commitment?

Students should be mindful of their time in general. Fraternities and sororities will add additional requirements and expectations onto their members, so it is important that any student looking to join a fraternity or sorority understands the level of commitment that is expected of them. Many chapters provide coaching on study skills, time management, and prioritization to ensure their members to not become overwhelmed by their academic and co-curricular involvement.

What are some of the benefits of joining?

There are many benefits of joining a chapter at UNCG! Studies have shown that students that have joined a fraternity or sorority are more prepared as professionals, have more developed social skills, and have a better sense of their overall well-being. Additional benefits are the opportunities to give back to the local community through service or philanthropy projects. Some members who take on leadership positions will attend leadership conferences where they will learn skills and information that can help them throughout their lives. Finally, because membership is for a lifetime, they will always have their fellow brothers and sisters to learn on in good times and in bad.

Do the fraternities and sororities and UNCG have houses?

Fraternities and sororities at UNCG do not have recognized chapter houses. Our College Panhellenic Council chapters occupy two wings on Phillips-Hawkins Residence Hall where members of the chapter can live and hold events.

I have heard a lot about pledging and hazing, what does this mean?

All of the chapters we have at UNCG have a specific new member education that is unique to their chapter. Our Fraternity and Sorority Life Staff help members develop and implement these plans to provide impactful educational opportunities for their new members. However, UNCG does not support hazing and chapters that participate in that behavior will be disciplined or removed. Hazing has no place in fraternities and sororities or any student organization. If you have any concerns about hazing occurring with your student, please click this link and report it.

What about alcohol?

Alcohol is not just a fraternity or sorority issue but one that involves all college students. Each chapter at UNCG has specific policies and procedures involving alcohol, ranging from no alcohol at chapter events, to requiring a third-party vendor to oversee social events and checking ID’s. Our chapters undergo specific training by our staff as well as the professionals at their national organization to prepare them for risk assessment and management. It should be noted that all chapters are required to have a risk management policy and must adhere to it. Students that are not 21 and found in possession of alcohol will be required to go through the student conduct process.

Is it expensive to be a member of a fraternity or sorority?

Cost of membership varies across chapters. Students who are interested in joining should know that fraternities and sororities are dues-paying organizations that require all members to comply with the financial obligation. Those dues provide the chapter with the funds to implement programs, send their members to leadership academies, pay their national dues, and purchase materials for new member education. We strongly encourage that your student speaks to members of chapters to understand all financial obligations.

What kind of oversight do chapters have by UNCG?

Our fraternity and sorority system is overseen by the Associate Director of Campus Activities and Programs/Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life, and the Graduate Assistant for Fraternity and Sorority Life.

How does my student join a fraternity or sorority?

All chapter participate in recruitment, however this looks very different for each organization. Our IFC and CPC chapters participate in year round recruitment and intake members throughout the academic year. The spring semester is when formal recruitment is held and all academically eligible student can participate in recruitment. Our MGC and NPHC chapters participate in a varying forms of recruitment where attendance for some events and information sessions is required. We encourage that your student speaks to a representative from either the council or chapter of their choice to gain more information about the recruitment process.

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